Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kale Chips

There is a big trend in Toronto towards finding "healthy" snacks.
I say that jokingly because as we know, snacking generally is not "healthy" and also adds a lot of extra calories to your daily intake.
Even if the foods start out wholesome as they get processed, additives, salt, sugar and preservatives get added making the food less "healthy" than it should have been.
A big trend is to make your own Kale Chips, so of course being adventurous, I decided to try to make them myself.
Not always do my recipes turn out to be fab!
Especially on the first go,
these were too salty this first time around and the Kale gave off an aroma of cabbage in the house!
Surprise to me
since I always cook this veggie.
I have never baked it before.
Although I love cabbage I was not impressed with the kale tasting mildly of it.
My kids
 real surprise here!!!
I think they loved the crunch more than anything else and have already asked me to make more!
Go figure!
If you want to make something that is quite healthy with no guilt, here are the steps.
Wash and pull off the leaves from the stem
from 2 bunches of kale.
They shrink so much, you will need the amounts.
Grasp the stem with one hand and pull down, removing the leaves.
Leave them large.
Do not discard the tiny ones, they become bite size

Place 3-5tbsp olive oil in a ramekin.
Dip your fingers into the oil and using both hands massage each leaf, front and back.
*This is an important step, or they will not crisp*
Spread out evenly on two large baking sheets.

Lightly sprinkle with salt.
It will look like too little, but as they dehydrate the salt remains.
~Don't over do it~
Bake in a 350F oven for 20min.
See how much they shrink?
Turn the oven off and leave them in to continue to dry without added heat or they may brown and burn.
Check for doneness,
both sides are crisp when lifted off the sheet.
This is the yield of from one sheet.
Pile onto a platter and enjoy!
Great conversation piece for guests.
This beautiful repurposed Birch round was gifted to me by my friend Teri
I don't know how long they can be stored because, mine didn't last the evening :D
Enjoy with love!

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