Cinnamon Toffee Crumble

Mile High Strawberry & Banana Pie

Pink Madeleines

Black & Blue and Yellow
 Philly Too

Almond & Peach Cheese Cake Tartlets

Chocolate Lava Volcano Cake

Creamy Bolognese One Pot Meal

Rice Timbale with Rose Sauce


Exploding Corn

Sexy Philly Blue Salad

Shrimp in a Jacket

Crowning Glory Philly Crab Cake

Chipotle Philly  PeaMeal Bacon & Onion Ring Sliders

Dim Sum & Pot Stickers Philly Style

Creamy Garlic Soup in a Crusty Bowl

Diablo Cake(Gluten Free Chocolate Cake)

Philly Sunburst

Silky Pillows from Heaven

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Torte (No Bake)

Mango Mousse

Sinful Delights

Philly Tee Pee Tower

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

Cheesy Philly Enchiladas
Garlicky Asparagus Chicken Roulade

Cheesy Bacon & Garlic Perogies

Philly Potato Pizza

Philly Phylo Purse