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Tasty Delights by Marisa

I am an avid baker and have been cooking since the age of 10.My food combinations tend towards healthy choices that would reduce fats and sugars.  I am a proud mother of 3 and I have taught all of my children how to cook and bake. My daughter and I have won prizes for some of our baking recipes in the Canadian Baking and Sweets Show and our cream cheese recipes will be featured in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe book for Canada. I continue to restructure recipes that I find with intentions of always making the recipe lighter in calories and higher in nutrition.I am a personal trainer and I have been teaaching fitness classes for 20years. My disciplines include yoga, pilates, zumba, weight training classes, spin and aqua fitness. The classes cover a wide range from baby classes, teens, right through to older adults.

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