Celebrity Sightings

 Chef Michael Smith
Canadian Lentils

Early in May I had the pleasure of visiting
Cirillo's Culinary Academy via 
Canadian Lentils for a one time show with 
Chef Michael Smith
you know him...the tall one!
Just how tall? 6'7" !!!
Never have I met someone who can sit on a counter without jumping onto it!
He was such a delight and as friendly as you see him on TV
 He brought us dishes featuring 
Canadian Lentils
from all over the world and we, bloggers got to sample the dishes he loved the most.
We had Lentil Fritters, from Dubai
 which were my fave.
We went to Italy


Dessert in France

This dessert was exquisite! The subtle scent of Star Anise was so delicate, my girlfriend had 2!
Of course it was low in calories with the addition of fibrous protein packed lentils.

Who knew lentils could be so versatile but they are!
Now you get a chance to win a trip to PEI to see
Michael Smith in person using the link below.

Lentil Hunter

 Towering over everyone!

Chef Cirillo

 Marisa & Sandra

Ricardo Larame

 Ricardo & Friends


Ricardo Larame visited Mississauga, Ontario at the GOOD FOOD FESTIVAL, and what a charmer he is.  His warmth and humourous character had us captivated for an hour. He highlighted his new product line and then signed his autograph on aprons for the audience.

Recipe to Riches 2012
Marisa with Galen Weston

Can you imagine my surprise seeing Mr. Weston walk in at the "Holding Room" at the Park Hyatt hotel in Downtown Toront, ON.

He is such a warm personable person.  I saw him again downstairs again when I was plating my cookies and he so wanted to taste them but wasn't allowed. 

What a memorable day this was for me.  It actually was more exciting meeting him than the judges!!!

Real Women of Philadelphia

Ann Olsen and Marisa Raponi

The host and star of the RWOP Gala wearing a bright lime green dress that was exquisite. Anna and her husband were both there and are quite friendly.
A group of contestants later encountered them in the elevator and they were very open and shared upcoming information for her new show and cookbook. She is so informal and down to earth, she took of her shoes! She is still taller than me in barefeet!

Real Women of Philadelphia Dinner

Marisa and Rosie Etta

What a delight to meet Rosie Etta from Entertainment Tonight Canada.
She was stepping out of a limousine when I noticed her. As we entered into the gala I had to stop her and get a picture with her. She is very gracious.

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