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Bellini Kitchen Master
Thermal Blender

Get ready Canada the Bellini is here!
When I was having espresso with different family member's in Italy this summer, I noticed several of the younger generation had these
" modern gadgets"
propped up on their counters.
all about cooking and the kitchen...
my inquisitive mind wanted to know what it was.
I had never seen anything like this and I shop in kitchen stores like most women shop for shoes as an obsession,
so I asked
"cosa e quello?"
What is that?
Well to my utter shock
they told me it was a machine that did everything!
They literally meant everything it:
and fry's too!
Because electricity is costly in Europe they have developed Thermal Blenders that make cooking meals fun, fast and more economical!
It's a huge time saver and is more cost effective.
I didn't see any in action but,
they swore that it was amazing~
Well if I get chosen to sample this Bellini I will finally get to see for myself what this little
whirlwind wonder machine
can do!
What would you like to see me create?
I would love to see it chop and cook a stew since the weather is now getting cooler topped with fluffy rice or quinoa.
Chicken broth should be a breeze.
I would love to see it knead bread or pizza dough.
I'm sure when my daughter finds out about this machine she definitely will want to try to whip up some frozen yogourt! over 200 recipes in this Bellini Addicts Recipe Book
Well the Bellini Thermal Blender
is from Australia and it's the first of it's kind in
North America.
I have seen others in stores and they are the height of a blender.
Quite frankly I am not sure about the height of those. They become difficult to stir the ingredients all the way down to the bottom. Some can splash dangerous hot liquids when you are stirring.
I really like the casserole dish shape of this and shorter wider bowl.

The width of the bowl would most likely have better heating because the depth is not so high. Scraping with a spatula would be easier for the length of my arm, since I am short and you can steam food while the bottom bowl cooks the other part of your meal!
What other small appliance does that?
Think of the small amount of space you would need to prepare a meal with less fuss and easy to clean!
I don't know, I would have to try it!
Hope I get the opportunity to test this
Bellini Kitchen Master
for myself....
It definitely would free up time spent in the kitchen so I can get to important things like driving the kids around :D 
and making lunches for the next school day
Below are more features that the
Bellini Kitchen Master by Cedarlane Culinary offers:
The Bellini Kitchen Master ships complete with:
  • External Kitchen Scale
  • Mixing Tool
  • Heat Resistant Spatula
  • Steaming Set
  • 2 Litre Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Cooking Basket
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Stainless steel stirring blade
  • Lid with built in measuring cup
  • Motor Based Housing


Why Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master - Product Features:

  • High powered motor allows you to chop, mince, whip, knead, blend stir and crush ice
  • Precise heating element enables you to simultaneously cook, fry and steam
  • 1000W Heating Power
  • 800W Power Motor
  • Variable 10 speed rotary control
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • LCD display with blue background
  • Bilingual recipe booklet with over 60 recipes
  • Beautiful external scale
If you are as excited as I am about this new product into Canada
click on the link below
for more information.
Happy Exploring!

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