Fit Tips

Walking Front Lunges

Utilise a long area in your home like a hallway or basement floor by doing lunges. Wearing proper foot gear, feet together, take a giant step forward with your Right leg approximately 2-3 feet in length. Bend the back knee so that it is approximately 3-4 inches away from the floor. Straighten the back knee and lift it up the height of your hip, to prepare you for the next lunge.

Step forward with your Left foot and bend your Right knee, same as above.
Continue the length of your room.
When you get to the length of the room turn around and continue.
Repeat until you are tired or for at least 3 full repetitions.

Triceps Dip
Sitting on the lowest step of your stairs, have your fingers face your back, palms facing down.

Move your hips off the step holding yourself up. Extend your legs out slightly, with toes facing up.

Bend the elbows, bring hips below step as much as you can without touching the floor and then straighten the elbows.

Repeat to a count of 8-12 reps for 3 sets.
Practise this 2-3 times per week.

1. As you progress, cross one leg over the other, alternating sides.
2. Extend your legs out further, adding more weight.
3. Increase sets with a maximum of 15 repititions

Abs I


Abs II