Thursday, 20 June 2013

A.Vogel BioSnacky
I have been given a wonderful opportunity to try a new product that will allow me to grow my own
I have been using sprouts in salads and my kids sandwiches since they were wee ones.
Their friends always wondered what new and wonderful (strange)
foods I would be sending to school!
Luckily my kids actually liked the earthy taste of the sprouts, so I had no complaints.
If anything the other kids wondered what they were since it didn't look like their wilted lettuce that accompanied their sandwiches.
 Now that they are older, they still love sprouts in their sandwiches.
I love it because along with a crunchy texture, sprouts have great added nutritive values to their meal.
So, here goes my excited experiment to see if I can grow my own sprouts in my home with this great food safe counter top
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First wash and leave the sprouter wet inside.
Rinse 1 1/2 tbsp. of seeds/legumes
I chose mung bean, alfafa and radish seeds that came in the kit.
Covering the drain spouts with the red caps, stack each level to fit together tightly.

The clear plastic dish is where the drained water flushes to the bottom. 

Pour enough water to cover the red tabs.
Cover with lid
The pressure of the water drains itself, covering the seeds/legumes all the way to the bottom.
When it reaches the bottom, drain the water.
You can use this water for your indoor or outdoor plants.
Place in an area where there is light but, not direct sunlight.
Wait and watch!
~Stay tuned~

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