Saturday, 22 June 2013

A. Vogel
Bio Snacky Sprouter

Day two!
Look closely
I started these mid afternoon and the next morning the organic mung beans have already started to open.
If you are a gardener you would appreciate this step, it is the beginning of the
life cycle as the sprout breaks out of it's pod
Now it is difficult to distinguish if these are the radish or alfafa sprouts as they are tiny and look alike.
You can definitely see the husk is falling off and the light seed is beginning it's stage of growth.
It is rainy this morning.
I don't have to worry about too much sunlight but, prolonged dampness may slow down the growth.
When I poured the water to rinse the seeds, a twice daily step. The tray above was not draining. This worried me, so I took the tray off and lifted the red siphon cover and found a stray seed plugging the drain hole.
Little devil!
A quick flick with the knife and the problem was fixed.
Stagnant water can mould the seeds causing a catastrophe.
Stay tuned.....

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