Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Banana Cream Tart

Banana Cream Tart 
I love the creaminess of Banana Cream Tart.
Mine is a little unconventional because instead of a vanilla custard, I like to actually puree the bananas inside the custard.
This gives me specks of fresh banana taste exploding in my mouth!
You do have to eat this within a few hours of making this tart if you have guests coming to have a slice, because banana goes dark when it is in the refrigerator.
If there are any leftovers no one has ever complained that the colour isn't pretty..the taste is still fantastic!
Looks aren't everything!
Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and grab a

2 cups milk or almond milk

2 tbsp sugar (or to taste)

2 eggs

3 bananas, mashed well

1 tsp flour

2 tsp cornstarch

pinch salt

1 tsp unflavoured gelatin powder


2 cups cookie crumbs (I used Almond Shortbread from Voortmans)

3 tbsp shortening

3 oz. chocolate, melted

10-12 amaretti cookies, crushed (or more Almond Shortbread)*


In a med. sized pot pour in all ingredients except gelatin and whisk vigorously.  Place on med. high heat and bring to almost a boil.  Reduce heat so the mixture does not boil over.  Continuously whisk so mixture does not stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.  Cook until mixture is thickened approx. 10min. *If you did not whisk and their are too many lumps, puree with a hand mixer*

Bloom gelatin powder in a 1 tbsp of water.  Microwave for 30 seconds on high. Stir to liquefy, cool slightly. 

Mix into banana mixture.  Allow to cool at room temperature for 30-45 min.  Refrigerate for 1 hr. (This cannot be made 1 day in advance as the bananas turn brown when refrigerated).

In a med. sized bowl mix crumbs with shortening.  Press into a 4"x 12"x 2" false bottom tart pan.  (See picture).  Press tightly up the sides using your fingers to tamp down the edge.  This builds the sides to prevent breakage when removed from tart pan.
Bake in a 350 preheated oven for 10min until lightly golden.

Cool to room temp or speed the process up in the refrigerator
Pour the melted chocolate onto the cooled crumbs. Spread with a spatula. *When chocolate hardens it prevents the filling to soak through to the crumbs, giving you a sturdy shell* Harden in the refridgerator for 15min.

Pour the cooled banana filling mixture over the crust , spread to the outer corners.  Top with whipped topping, refrigerate. 

When ready to serve, sprinkle crushed *amaretti cookies on top.

*Amaretti cookies are made from ground almonds, sugar and egg whites and found in the international section of your grocery store.*


Enjoy with love!


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