Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fresh Herb & Zucchini Omelet with Avocado

Fresh Herb & Zucchini Omelet with Avocado

2 large eggs
1tbsp chopped fresh basil
1tbsp chopped fresh tarragon
pinch of salt & pepper
3" quartered and chopped zucchini
1/2 avocado sliced
1tbsp EVOO
1tbsp chopped onion
1tbsp water or milk
tomato and extra herbs for garnish

Heat a non stick skillet on med high (#6).  Pour in EVOO and swirl around pan to distribute. Add onion, zucchini, seasonings and cook to a golden colour, stirring frequently for 2min approx. 

In a small bowl, using a fork beat eggs lightly with 1tbsp of water or milk, season to taste.

Pour egg mixture over vegetables.  Swirl pan to distribute mixture coating all vegetables. Turn heat down to med low (#4)

Using the same fork gently push mixture away from sides of pan allowing uncooked liquid to fill the space.  If any bubbles appear use fork to break and allow liquid to fill space.

(This cooks the bottom without disturbing the mixture in order to achieve a solid bottom)

When there is no more liquid on top shake pan over heat to loosen the whole omelet in preparation to flip. Flip mixture with spatula or pushing pan away from you then towards you quickly. Turn off heat and allow bottom to continue cooking while you prepare the avocado.

(The Italian flip: place a same size flat plate on pan. Holding the plate firmly with one hand and other hand on pan handle, flip the omelet onto plate.  Then slide the omelet uncooked side down back into pan to cook)

Place cut slices of avocado on the edge of omelet and using a spatula flip the other side to cover.

Enjoy with love!

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