Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bacon & Bourbon
Well, those of you who read my blog know that I am all about healthy low cal nutritious meals
Well today I am off the beaten path...
I love bacon!
Although I rarely eat it, 
I love the aroma,
smoky flavour,
and it's salty flavour on my tongue
this one is for all the bacon lovers..
It is a tapenade that is great served hot over toasted bread for an appetizer.

Bacon & Bourbon Tapenade/Pesto/Pate

6 slices bacon, diced
4 small onions, diced finely
1 tps rosemary dried or fresh
1 oz bourbon

In a med. sized preheated skillet saute the herbs, bacon & onions on high. When it starts to sizzle loudly turn the heat down to med. and continue to cook until the onions are transparent, 5-10min.

When it starts to sizzle again lower the element to #3 or #4 and continue to stir and caramelize. When there is no more water and the pan again sizzles loudly, another 5-10min add the bourbon and stir to combine. 
Allow it to continue to cook down.
The whole cooking process should take 1/2 hr. stirring occasionally to prevent scorching.
Pack the mixture into a small ramekin and use immediately or cover and refrigerate to harden.
Reheating when needed

Spread on toast or use as a condiment on sandwiches.


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