Monday, 17 March 2014

MMM"egg"a Muffin Meal

 Why are we always in a rush?
I have found that no matter what stage we are in life.
Life is always a rush!
When you have small kids you have to get them ready and out the door to school, playtime, 
or extra curricular activities.
Well, mine are all grown and I don't have to get them ready, sort of...
but, in-order for them to eat nutritionally, I have to be organized.
This MMM"egg"a Muffin is a great weekend project to make ahead and pop in the fridge or freezer ready to go when you are...
use any fresh or leftover ingredients you have around the kitchen. Each "muffin" can be individually made, with you changing ingredients to fit everyone's needs

MMM"egg"a Muffin 

1 tbsp EVOO
5 mushroom, chopped
1/4 each red & orange bell pepper, diced
5 asparagus spears, chopped, remove ends
1/2 cup kale, chopped fine
3 tbsp chopped parsley
5 lg eggs
salt & pepper to taste
1/4cup  So Delicious unsweetened almond  or coconut milk beverage
6  7" whole wheat roti or tortilla wraps
(roti are more flaky when baked, GF wraps can be used as well)

In a med. preheated skillet sauté all of the vegetables for 1 min to slightly soften. Season to taste. Remove from heat

Meanwhile make the roti/tortilla rounds smaller by 1" in diameter using scissors.
Whisk the eggs and milk together. Season to taste.

Line 6 muffins cavities with paper liners, space out if you have a 12 muffin tin. So they have space.
Gather the roti/tortilla from the middle to pinch in sides to fit muffin tin.

Distribute vegetables in each muffin.

Top with eggs.

Bake in a preheated oven @375F for 30min. Eggs should be not quite cooked as they will continue cooking while cooling.
*Can be wrapped and refrigerated for 1 day then warmed in toaster oven or microwave.
Can be wrapped well and  frozen for 1 week, then warmed in toaster oven, oven or microwave.
A quicker method it to use mixed, leftover cooked vegetables, chop and continue with the recipe.

This recipe was submitted to So Delicious Contest
  Dairy Free Recipe Madness Contest
So Delicious March Madness Contest

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