Friday, 21 March 2014

Lentil & Quinoa
Rainbow Salad

 It's really easy to prepare meals that I call
"fast foods"
With a few key ingredients you have around the house, you can have a budget friendly meal that is easy to prepare, low in calories, high in nutrition and soooo inviting too~
This refreshing, nutritious and extremely colourful salad can me made during the week or weekend and then you have a base that you can add anything you'd like for brown bagging lunches.
This Rainbow salad is a great side too with healthy quinoa and Canadian Lentils mixed with a  rainbow of veggies!

Double this recipe and you can feed quite a few people
 Lentil & Quinoa
Rainbow Salad

You'll need:
  2 cup cooked quinoa

1 cup cooked green lentils*

1 cup thinly sliced red cabbage

1 cup tomato, diced

 1/3 of a yellow & orange bell pepper, diced

1/3 of an English cucumber, diced

3 tbsp parsley, chopped fine

2 tbsp basil pesto

4 tbsp EVOO

2 tbsp white balsamic vinegar

1 tsp of salt or to taste

Toss all ingredients together in a large bowl.

Can be prepared ahead and refrigerated up to 4 days.

*1/2 cup green lentils
3 cup water

In a large pot add lentils and water. 
Bring to a boil and cook for 30-40 min. until al dente
Drain and cool.
You can use rinsed and drained canned lentils too!