Monday, 30 December 2013

Wow don't these Holidays go by so quickly.
I find everyone rushes around for, up to months ahead of the actual Holidays and it's
One thing I love after the Holiday festivities, is my Turkey leftovers.
What do you do with yours?
Our first bite into the leftovers is just to have the same comfort foods the next day.
This for me is a delight since I don't have to cook again.
There are always the small amounts of extras afterwards.
This year I had very little leftover so I made a
Triple Decker Turkey Rainbow Sandwich
Hot and delish
I used my homemade Cranberry sauce and grilled it in my black iron skillet ...
no need for a pannino press...
Triple Decker Turkey Rainbow Sandwich
3 slices whole grain bread
3 tsp mayonnaise
1 pickle, sliced thin
3 tbsp. whole berry cranberry sauce
1 avocado, cut in half, boned
turkey leftovers
Spread mayonnaise on 3 slices of bread.
Spread cranberry sauce over mayo.
Top 2 or 3 slices of the bread with mashed avocado.
Top 2 of the slices with some sliced turkey leftovers
Then pickles.
Stack the filled 2 slices of bread filling side up. Then sandwich the top slice.
Place a tsp of your shortening in a preheated skillet and place the sandwich over it.
Cook on med. low heat to brown the bread.
Turn over and brown the other sided.
Slice and pour or dip the bread into heated gravy.
Enjoy with love!

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