Wednesday, 6 November 2013

 Who needs breadcrumbs?
We all use bread and there is always a wayward slice of bread that doesn't get used.
I recycle large brown paper bags to toss in those odd slices of bread.
In a short time I have a full bag of various pieces of plain bread, cracked wheat, buns, panino's.....
All are great for grinding.
Generally I put this chore  off for as long as I can
It's a messy job.
 Although my high quality food processor does it's job it is really a pain.
Constantly the blade gets stuck on a hard piece of bread.
My homemade bread is the hardest.
Many times the blade lifts right off!
That is 
S c a r y
In the past cheaper brands have broken the hard plastic container!
Well I decided to try my Bellini
I must say I was not looking forward to it knowing what a crumby mess this chore is...
'scuse the pun
Bellini Kitchen Master
By now I should have known better.
This machine is amazing!
Yes, crumbs are everywhere but, that's from me lifting and locking the lid many times, what I had a lot of stale bread!
But the picture you see ground these crumbs on speed 5 for 30sec
Did you see the size of my stale bread pieces?
Truly, that really is amazing!
The Bellini Kitchen Master
Really Rocks 

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