Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bellini Kitchen Master

Wow I was one of the lucky bloggers who gets to try this new wonder machine that will soon hit the Canadian Market
I wanted to get to know this machine... I removed each item from it's shiny new plastic wrap
(don't we all love that part)
and gave it a good wash.
I was surprised to see just how large the steamer compartments are.
This is an asset for my large family.
All of the components are dishwasher safe but, I wanted to experiment with it right away.
I decided to chop and see just how powerful and fast this machine is

This onion was chopped in 3 pulses on the 3rd speed!

The peppers were just as fast.

It was a bit tricky to figure it out, as you have to turn the whole bowl upside down in order to remove the powerful blade
But with a few more experiments I was a pro and on my way.
Organization is the key!
Start with the small items and then work towards the ingredients you need to get chopped before you switch the blade.

I had some Parmesan cheese rinds and this was my true test to see if this machine would grind these hardened morsels.
No way would I ever try this in a blender or processor as it may shatter the glass or plastic!

Well here are the pictures to prove how powerful this machine is with it's stainless steel bowl
I was afraid to try this, as I did not want to break the machine
wow was I fooled.

With less than 2 minutes on speeds 5, 8 & 10 I have 1/2cup of fine grated Parmesan!
That's a big savings on my grocery bills! 
I decided to make things easier for the first recipe and I was interested to see just how fast it could cook my husbands favorite breakfast
Scottish Oats
If you've never cooked these, they are a cracked whole grain that takes forever to cook.
Not a good choice for a quick breakfast 
Well the Bellini Kitchen Master proved me wrong.
Any one can make this in a hurry!
You can even make it the night before and reheat the next morning.
 Honey drizzled
Banana & Coco Nibs 
Scottish Oats

80ml steel cut oats or 12 grain cereal
100ml vanilla almond milk, or milk
1 tbsp cocoa nibs
1 tsp each cinnamon & vanilla extract
1 peeled banana
1 tbsp trail mix

Use the handy measuring cup on top of the machine to measure the ingredients.
Place all ingredients in the Bellini machine with the stirring blade.
Turn the timer to, between 5-8 min.
Speed is at 1
Temperature is at 100c

Turn it on with the plastic measuring cup on so the steam does not escape.
Walk away until you hear the beep!
It's done.
Perfectly soft and the banana is mashed.
Add extra milk if desired
Drizzle with 1 tbsp honey and top with trial mix.

Enjoy with love!

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